Finding a responsible volunteering placement

Volunteering to help alleviate poverty has a two-fold benefit, the recipients benefit and the volunteer is brought closer to the real issues faced by those in need. The benefit of volunteering is often questioned in the context of depriving someone in the local community of employment, but if care is taken over the choice of project and the kind of help provided, volunteering can make a real difference for good. It is incredible that tourists are encouraged to take part in the short-term care of young, vulnerable children through volunteer programmes at orphanages. Read further on the 'Replace' campaign website and watch this video:

Let's save Africa! Who wants to be a volunteer?!

[November 10, 2014]
'Let's Save Africa!' is the satirical video's call to action. It opens with a truck stopping abruptly in a grassy area, ostensibly in Africa because Africa is just one big country.

A white, blond girl jumps out with high-calorie food in hand, dressed in a white tank top, shorts and a stylish bandanna. She runs toward an unknown destination and does what every good volunteer does: starts hurling food at hungry mouths.
After a tour in which she teaches children to read, subsequently posting a selfie with them as her Facebook profile picture, the young woman, Lilly, sits down for a game inspired by "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The final question for the satirical game show "Who Wants to Be a Volunteer" How many countries are in Africa?
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Watch this hilarious - yet disturbing - video!