Job offer: teachers needed at Steven Tito Academy in Bagamoyo

Steven Tito Academy (STA) is a small charity-funded, English-medium primary school that serves a very special population of students in Bagamoyo - those who have displayed a high aptitude for learning but who cannot afford tuition. In secondary school in Tanzania, students are required to learn all subjects using the English language.

Students at STA are taught in English from the very first day of school to help prepare them for success in secondary school. Students start at STA when they are 5 or 6 years old. They start in 'Prep', a year designed to prepare the students with the English language skills they need to commence standard (grade) 1. Most of our students start their Prep year with little to no English language skills.

"We need passionate, enthusiastic, hard-working, flexible teachers to instruct our students in their first year at STA. We need teachers who believe that all children deserve the very best education and have a right to quality teachers and quality learning in a safe and encouraging environment."

Read all about this offer on the website of Steven Tito Academy. 

GoTanzania visited The Baobab Home-farm, five kilometers from town center Bagamoyo, last July. American-originated Terri Place started The Baobab Home and later on the Steven Tito Academy, on the Baobab Home-compound, together with her Tanzanian husband. 
Bagamoyo is romantically worn down old colonial town, maybe to become a World Heritage site. It is really wonderful to live in or near this town for some time. It's also a touristic place with many travellers passing by. 
You can live on the farm, in a 'banda' with other volunteers, but you can also choose to live in town.
The stipend will be $300 per month.