Daily Nation: 'Who are the real enemies of Africa?'

[December 22, 2014]
Yesterday, an article was published in the Kenyan newspaper ‘Daily Nation’ in which the world’s most renowned (yet also often maligned) ‘Africa-benefactor’ was critically attacked. A new version of the famous Christmas song ‘Do they know it’s Christmas time’ was released, in which many pop stars of thirty years ago participated as well. Quite a pitiful sight, I believe: those old pop stars.

A lot of money is raised and they will probably try their best to have that money end up at the right places. Nevertheless, we never hear anything about that, and I do wonder whether the pop stars are truly interested in it. Are you too much of a cynic when you judge the meaning behind such actions? That is what writer Rasna Warah does. She argues: stop the nonsense and use that Western money of yours to cope with your own problems such as drug addictions, racism and unemployment. Stop neocolonialism!
The title of the song is, of course, a great example: Africans are generally much more religious than, for instance, Europeans. What they might not know about Christmas, is that for us, it is tradition to eat way too much food.

But to what extent are we complaining too much? You can read that in the response below the article. Read it on the website of Daily Nation.

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