Extreme voluntourism

[October 15, 2014]
K21 Adventure, founded by two adventurous mountaineers, offers a combination of 1, 4 or 7 days of safari and 8, 5, or 2 days community service. The community service will be done at a blind school in Moshi (Kilimanjaro). They advertise themselves with words such as: "In addition to seeing the world, K2 Adventure Travel is your connection to doing a world of good".

This week will cost you €3000 when you choose the option of a one-day safari and 8 days as a volunteer. Do you prefer a safari of 7 days, it will be around €5000.

The organization's leader has even climbed the Mount Everest, and his wife climbed the Kilimanjaro with a group of blind people. Adventure!! (Website K2 Adventures)

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