GoTanzania will be visiting projects in Tanzania again

[October 6, 2015]
On January 6 2016 GoTanzania will be on the road again. The aim will be the same as it was during the summer of 2015: to find good Tanzanian development projects that work with volunteers from the western world. On GoTanzania, you can read the stories about these visits to beautiful projects. During the next trip, projects will be visited in the Northwest of Tanzania, around Lake Victoria. Also, some weeks will be spent in Moshi, near Mount Kilimanjaro. Moshi is the touristic and volunteering centre of Tanzania: lots of volunteering agencies are located around this friendly town, which also houses many safari companies. GoTanzania will do some reallife research on the many volunteering possibilities in Moshi Town. This area is also very popular because of the daily flights from and to Europe, from the nearby Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Moshi is a nice little town on the southern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain and the highest free standing mountain of the world. Kilimanjaro’s summit is also the world’s highest place reachable for people who are not mountain climbers: you can just hike to the top. And that really is a magnificent experience. It takes 5 or 6 days.
Kilimanjaro International Airport is just half an hour away from Moshi Town. Moshi and Arusha, 80 kilometers west of Moshi, are the Eastafrican safari tourism capitals: the big parks are just a couple of hours away from there. And ’ let’s not forget to mention lounge island Zanzibar, which is reachable in one day by bus and boat, or only half an hour by (rather cheap) plane.
In Moshi you can also find lots of development projects. Although there is a lot of tourism in this part of East Africa, the local population is extremely poor and many local and international projects are looking forward to the help of volunteers from the west. A fair amount of big internationally operating volunteering agencies develop or support projects in and near Moshi, mainly aiming at the ‘voluntourism’-mix. local agencies, moreover, have their grassroot projects, distinguishing on quality and price. GoTanzania will shed light on the possibilities and choices for the volunteers to be.

Lake Victoria
The GoTanzania discovery/research in the Northwest from the town of Mwanza on the southern shore of Lake Victoria, will shed light on four different development projects. Three of them have their origins in a Dutch initiative, the fourth is a US-project in Musoma, about 100 kilometers north of Mwanza. In Sengerema, a little town close to Mwanza, the Sengerema project will be visited. The mission of this project is to help young entrepreneurs found their own business by microfinance. Sengerema has been doing this for about 10 years now, and the project shows big results. GoTanzania will find out how this is done.
The next project will be Upendo Daima, an organisation founded by the Dutch Marga van Barschot 15 years ago. Upendo Daima is a project for street children in Mwanza. Many children end up on the streets, with no support from family anymore. Upendo Daima tries to find solutions for them, focusing on reuniting them (if possible) with their (extended) families and getting them back to school.
Tukutane Tanzania, also in Mwanza, is owned by the Dutch Anne Kuijs. She has built up a broad network in Mwanza over the last decade and mediates between volunteers from The Netherlands and other countries and care institutions, schools en hospitals in Mwanza. She also owns accommodation which can be used by volunteers.
Finally, GoTanzania will travel to Musoma, where the US-originated NGO called Global Resource Alliance is perched. Global Resource Alliance develops many different projects in communities around Musoma and Kinesi trying to fight poverty, hunger and illness. Examples of Projects are installing waterpumps, reforestation, use of solar power, support in agricultural projects, health improvement and child care.

Of course GoTanzania will publish articles about this trip on the GoTanzania website. The trip will take place from January 6 until February 19, 2016.

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