GoTanzania-lowlights (where not to go) - 1 : K2 Adventure Travel

Extreme voluntourism (1): K2 Adventure Travel
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K2 Adventure Travel heads trigger information like:
* Helping Can Be Exhilarating
* Spectacular. Significant. And Above All, Safe
* Fulfilling Your Dream Fulfills Ours
* Dreams Don’t Discriminate

“In addition to seeing the world, K2 Adventure Travel is your connection to doing a world of good. Our life-changing adventure travel includes the unique opportunity to actually change lives. All of our international expeditions incorporate time spent doing community service in the local communities or orphanages to help impoverished children in the locations we visit. Just as the views from any mountain will take your breath away, so will the smiling faces of the children living near there. The memory of those faces, and your efforts to improve their lives, just might be more vivid than those you take away from atop the mountain.”

And about the arrangements, an example: One day of safari and eight days of volunteering in community service in Tanzania will cost you USD2500! (airfares, insurances and visa not included).

So: avoid K2 Adventure Travel!!

[GoTanzania will lowlight bad, harmful and too expensive projects, working with volunteers, on this website. This is the first in a series.]

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