Revolution in Tanzania (continued - week 13)

WEEK 13 2016



Mar 28th 2016

President John Magufuli yesterday urged Tanzanians of all faiths, races and ethnicities to uphold brotherly and sisterly co-existence in order to maintain peace and tranquillity in the country. The head of state made the call at the Azania Front Evangelical Lutheran Church in Dar es Salaam where he attended Easter mass despite being a Roman Catholic follower.

One who is unwilling to work, shall not eat," he said, quoting 2 Thessalonians 3:10, amid thunderous applause from the church congregation. He insisted that if citizens opt to unite and work hard, Tanzania as a country will neither remain poor nor continue to depend on aid from rich countries. The country is so rich in resources that if all the people played their roles in a responsible manner, it could turn the corner and even become a member of the donor instead of beggar community, the president said.


Mar 29th 2016

Two top officials with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism have been arrested after being implicated in the issuance of a permit for exporting 61 monkeys to Albania.

Mar 30th 2016

President John Magufuli yesterday reiterated his call for Tanzanians to work hard and end the country’s dependence on donor money as a United States government agency confirmed its cancellation of a $472 million (over 1 trillion/-) aid package due to Zanzibar’s  disputed election.

Mar 30th 2016

President Magufuli to cut his salary? The government plans to cut the salaries of the highest paid public sector workers, President John Magufuli said yesterday, revealing that no less than 1,680 "ghost workers" were uncovered on the state payroll in just the first two days of a national audit. "Government employees who are paid the highest salaries of up to 40 million/- (per month) will face a pay cut and a maximum salary cap of 15 million/- will be enforced," State Ho use quoted Magufuli as saying in a statement late yesterday. This effectively means that the president’s own salary is likely to be cut since the position comes with a hefty pay package. Although official figures are hard to come by, one member of parliament has publicly claimed that the Tanzanian president is paid a salary of over 30 million/- per month, which would be slashed by over 50 percent if the plan goes ahead.>

Apr 1th 2016

Members of parliament in court over graft scandal The three senior MPs - all members of a key parliamentary oversight committee - are alleged to have conspired in a grand political kickback scheme seeking to extort a 30 million/- bribe. If convicted, they could face up to five years in prison

Apr 2th 2016

Follow up from earlier news:

Three MPs Arraigned Over Sh30 Million Bribe Request

Ex-TRA chief, two others arraigned over $600m Stanbic Bank loan scam


Apr 2th 2016

A bus conductor, Hamimu Seif, (42), appeared before the Kisutu Resident Magistrate's Court in Dar es Salaam charged with threatening to kill President John Pombe Magufuli through a verbal statement. This is the first time in Tanzania's history since independence from Britain for a person to be arraigned in connection with threatening a seating president with death.

Apr 2th 2016

President Magufuli expressed his disappointment that despite poor performance school committees have continued to be headed by the same members for years.

Apr 2th 2016

Will Magufuli’s Popular Anti-Corruption Drive in Tanzania Last? Since taking office last November, Tanzania’s president, John Magufuli—a former minister of works known as the Bulldozer for his ability to push through his agenda—has seemed to adopt a new title: the broom. He wants to sweep away the country’s reputation for endemic corruption and poor public service. Magufuli has identified three areas of priority for his government: cutting wasteful and unnecessary expenditure; improving public services; and tackling the corruption that has long plagued public life and placed Tanzania 117th out of 168 in the Transparency International 2015 corruption index.


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