Revolution in Tanzania (continued - week 19)

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WEEK 19 2016


In the news about the miraculous way to prosperity in Tanzania


May 7th 2016

How to spend Magufuli millions for Villages? President John Magufuli is resurrecting a facet of welfare methods of the fourth phase government, some of which has become institutionalised similar to the role of the Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF), which is supposed to uplift poor families. The government has decided to disburse about TSh50m cash to each village. An earlier model for such expenditure was the 'JK billions' decided early in 2006 and the disbursing of those funds helped to push inflation during the year, as many lower class families sought to purchase household durables.

May 7th 2016

President John Magufuli yesterday directed security organs to pin down and unveil sugar being stored by some crook traders at Mbagala in Dar es Salaam and Kilombero in Morogoro and distribute it freely to the public.  The president said at least 4,000 tonnes of sugar were locked by traders in a city godown with another 3,000 tonnes being  hidden in a godown in Morogoro.

May 9th 2016

The Controller and Auditor General (CAG), Professor Mussa Assad, has recommended changes of percentage ownership in the over 4.8 trillion/- ($ 2 billion) project involving extraction and exploration of coal mines and iron ores at Mchuchuma and Liganga in southern Tanzania. A review of agreement revealed Hongda Sichuan (Group), a private partner with 600 million USD equity towards implementation of the project, owned 80 per cent shares of the Tanzania China International Mineral Resources Limited (TCIMRL), while National Development Corporation (NDC) owns 20 per cent. "We are of the opinion that share distribution comes with financial responsibilities. Thus, if a loan is to be secured against Tanzanian resources, NDC, on behalf of the government, should have become TCIMRL majority shareholder," Prof Assad suggests in his report.

May 9th 2016

The government, through the Ethics Secretariat that administers ethical conduct of public leaders, plans to table a Bill in parliament that seeks to separate Business and Public Leadership, the National Assembly Speaker, Mr Job Ndugai, has said. Mr Ndugai said before the Bill is tabled, MPs will be sensitised on its importance in addition to the need to separate business and public leadership, which is meant to ensure the integrity of public leaders.

May 10th 2016

The government has launched the Star City development project with an initial $67 million at Tungi Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Morogoro, eastern Tanzania. "Once completed, we are envisaged to create over 100,000 employment opportunities for the youth," Charles Mwijage, the Minister for Industry, Trade and Investment said last week

May 11th 2016

Panama Papers Name 45 Tanzanian Tycoons The names of at least 45 Tanzanian businessmen emerged yesterday in the latest release of Panama papers that details the names of people and related companies with offshore accounts in territories that are known as tax havens.

May 12th 2016

Analyse: (Deutsche Welle) Tanzania's Magufuli leads fight against corruption As an anti-corruption conference ends in London, in Tanzania the battle to end graft is on in earnest. At the forefront is President John Magufuli. In his five months in office, he's already shown he means business.

May 12th 2016

The government should put its house in order if it is to mend its relations with donors, this is an advice given following top government leaders applying innuendo-filled remarks when reacting to the Millennium Challenge Corporation's (MCC) decision to halt its Sh1 trillion ($ 450 billion) support to Tanzania. (The Citizen)

May 13th 2016

Thirteen giant mining companies have not paid corporation taxes due to non-declaration of profits in their accounts books, a report by the Tanzania Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (Teiti) has revealed. (The Citizen)

May 13th 2016

President John Magufuli was yesterday the toast of hundreds of people who attended the swearing-in of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, as they wildly applauded when he was being introduced at the Kololo Independence Grounds. Uganda's veteran president, Yoweri Museveni, vowed to fight corruption as he was sworn in to a fifth term in office  (Al Jazeera) (DailyNews)

May 14th 2016

Analyse about press freedom: The live coverage of proceedings in the Tanzanian parliament ended as a government decision to halt the service went into effect. The move, announced by Information Minister Nape Nnauye in January, has led to protests from the opposition party and journalists' groups, who said they view the decision to stop live broadcasts of parliamentary debates as tantamount to censorship.

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