Revolution in Tanzania (continued - week 2)

[January 18, 2016] 
Tanzania is hot today! JPM, as president Magufuli is called, is turning the country around, making an end to all kinds of corruption and power abuse. Read about the developments during the last week in this calender! GoTanzania will update regularly!!

Jan 10th
* Tanzanians may have reason to smile if the latest government plan to make medical insurance cover mandatory for all. This, according to information from the government, will go hand in hand with plans to bolster the healthcare financing system in the country by helping the poor access prepaid health services through the existing health insurance schemes, such as the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) and the Community Health Fund(CHF). (Source
* The fisheries department in Sumbawanga District, Rukwa Region (lake Victoria) has destroyed 52 unauthorised fishing nets and other illegal fishing gear estimated to have a total value of 41m/-. (Source)

Jan 11th 
* GOVERNMENT plans to introduce a special programme to enable medical specialists reach patients in all parts of the country. “We want to attain the national goal of serving the whole country with medical specialists instead of being stationed in urban areas,” the minister Songea of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children stressed. (Source)  
* MWANZA Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Magesa Mulongo, was on Monday given 48 hours to issue a clear cut explanation why most of the city’s streets were filthy.Deputy Minister in the Vice-President’s Office (Environment and Union), Mr Luhaga Mpina pointed out that hygiene remains national agenda thus everyone in the country had to play part in ensuring that environmental cleanliness is highly observed. (Source)

Jan 13th
* LATEST Gross Domestic Product (GDP) estimates indicate that the economy has gone up by 6.3 percent in the third quarter of 2015, compared to 5.4 per cent recorded in the corresponding quarter of 2014, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has said. The positive growth trend is testimony that the government has been delivering its various services to people as planned in all sectors of the economy. It also means that there was an improvement in social service delivery during the period under review. (Source)
Tanzania Education Authority (TEA) has disbursed a total of Tzs 2 Billion which will be used to conduct special training for secondary school teachers in order to improve their ability to teach slow learners. (Source)
JOHN Pombe Magufuli may have been a compromise candidate, but less than three months after taking over as Tanzania's president, his radical reforms have the region in awe. Many east Africans are hoping for the "Magufulification" of their countries as they watch the 56-year-old cut perks to officials, channel funding to public services and tackle corruption. (Source)
Kariakoo and Tandale markets which were mopped clean one month ago with traders and local government leadersswearing before cameras that never again these key service areas will allow garbage to pile up, have apparently failed to keep the promise. (Ipp media 13-1-16)
* The government warned Mwanza Factories About Rampant Toxic Pollution. It will not hesitate to shut down factories which pollute the environment with harmful chemicals. (Source)  

Jan 14th 
* The government has assured the public that it is working round the clock to address minor challenges experienced insome schools with the introduction of free education. It has also defended the presence of such trivial shortcomings, insisting that it was not easy to start implementing such policy fully on right footing. The clarification comes amidst complaints from various stakeholders, including parents and teachers, that the implementation of the policy has to some extent gotten off on the wrong foot. (Source

Jan 15th 
* The government has threatened to take stringent measures against dishonest business people involved with illegal importation of refined edible oil as crude product with the purposes of evading tax. The move follows complaints from local producers of sunflower edible oil over lack of fair competition in the market with the government saying verification of the product will now be done at the port Tanga. President John Magufuli has revoked title deeds of five estates in Tanga Region with effect from December 15 last year. (Ipp media 15-1-16)
* The Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Mr William Lukuvi, told a meeting of regional leaders in the RC’s office that Tanga Region had vast areas of land which had been left idle for a long time without being developed. He declared 2016 as the year for eliminating land disputes countrywide The estates are Kihuhwi, Sagula, Lewa and Bwebwera, all in Muheza District. The fifth is Azimio which is inTanga District. (The citizen 16-1-16)

Jan 16th
* The EastAfrican, the region's authoritative weekly newspaper, is back in circulation in Tanzania after a year out of the market. The ban came days after a cartoon that criticised the country's president Jakaya Kikwete on his fight against corruption and an opinion that criticised Tanzania's stance against UN-backed force to take on the FDRL rebels in the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC). (This is good news and a sign for more press freedom!) (Source)
* The government has removed another three heads of department at Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) and made immediate appointments to replace them. This was announced in Dar es Salaam yesterday by Minister for Works, Transport and Communication, Professor Makame Mbarawa, said the department heads have been removed because of unsatisfactory performance. (Ipp media 16-1-16)

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