Revolution in Tanzania (continued - week 21)

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WEEK 21 2016


In the news about the miraculous way to prosperity in Tanzania


May 23th 2016

The Court of Appeal has dismissed the appeal lodged by tycoon Jayantkumar Chandubhai Patel and others, seeking to challenge criminal proceedings against the "sharks of corruption", involving theft of 9.7bn/-($ 4.6 million) from External Payments Arrears (EPA) account at the Bank of Tanzania. Following the court's decision by Patel, alias Jeetu Patel, and his colleagues, Devendra K. Vinobhai Patel, Amit Nandy and Ketan Chohan Pad will have no other option other than going back to the Kisutu Resident Magistrate's Court in Dar es Salaam to face the criminal charges they had previously tried to avoid.

May 21th 2016

How to Lift 12 Million Tanzanians Out of Extreme Poverty  The World Bank forecasts Tanzania's economy as growing at an average rate of seven per cent over the next two years but wants the government to adopt measures that will see the growth translating into reduced poverty levels. It shows that about 12 million Tanzanians (25 per cent) continue to live on less than Sh1,300 ($ 0.60) per day To get things moving, the World Bank wants Tanzania to stop managing economic matters with the business-as-usual approach and seriously look into the private sector as a sure way of finding the much needed finances to spur economic growth. (The Citizen)

May 22th 2016

As a Region We Should All Be Celebrating the 'New' Tanzania These are very interesting times for those who enjoy following events concerning the East African region. Although the region has five countries with South Sudan slowly making its way as the sixth, a lot of focus remains around Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. (New Times)

May 23th 2016

The chairman of the Private Sector Federation (PSF), Benjamin Gasamagera, has encouraged Rwandan traders to look for business partnership with Tanzanians and increase competitiveness. He said this on Friday during the first Tanzania Rwanda Trade Forum (TRTF) in Kigali. "We will provide ground not only for partnerships but also possible business opportunities for both our private sector operators, facilitate joint venture opportunities and exchange relevant business information and intelligence," Gasamagera said. (Rwanda Focus)

May 23th 2016

The government wants financial institutions to increase financing of the manufacturing sector as a way of supporting President John Magufuli's industrialisation agenda. Bank of Tanzania figures show that the manufacturing sector mostly comes in the third position with regarding to areas that receive the most credit from financial institutions

May 25th 2016

The Prevention and Combatting of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) has saved 10.3bn/-($ 5 million) in a period of three months, between January and March, this year, that would have ended up in corrupt people's pockets. The campaign is seen as a way to create public awareness and awaken public morals in the fight against corruption through an easier way to receive and give information to PCCB through short mobile text messages.

Giving a detailed use of the emergency number by the public, Mlowola said the public can call 113 and speak with a PCCB officer or using *113# to provide reports on corruption through mobile subscribers; TTCL, Airtel, Tigo, Vodacom, Zantel and Halotel.

During the launch of the 'Speak to us' a PCCB's campaign director general Valentino Mlowola said 230 projects were inspected in PCCB's efforts to ensure taxpayer's money was properly spent to benefit the general public. (Daily news) (The Citizen)

May 25th 2016

The first ever heart bypass surgery in the East African Region has been conducted in Tanzania, courtesy of Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute (JKCI) and a team of doctors from a leading Indian (New Delhi-based) BLK Super Specialty Hospital - a blessing in disguise for 18 patients battling cardiac complications. (Daily News)

May 25th 2016

Global investors and funding institutions in control of more than US$200 billion US dollars will meet in Dar es Salaam in July for a three-day investment forum to explore business and investment opportunities in Tanzania. (Daily News)

May 26th 2016

The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development is collaborating with 18 councils to prepare Master Plans that will help check the escalating land-based conflicts in the country. The deputy minister admitted that to a large extent, land disputes were fuelled by lack of proper land management plans and people's failure to respect land laws and policies. (Daily News)

May 27th 2016

Communication & Transport Workers Union of Tanzania (COTWU) of Tanzania has temporarily suspended top union leaders over alleged abuse of power. (The Citizen)

May 27th 2016

Will Tanzania be the Switzerland of Africa? The East African country of Tanzania has long been considered an island of stability where chaos appears to reign across the continent, and even in its own region. But emerging concerns will test whether Tanzania can maintain this relative harmony over the next several years.

May 27th 2016

Magufuli Warns Against Corruption in Construction Sector President John Magufuli yesterday said his government won't tolerate shoddy deals in the booming construction industry. He said corruption in the industry has reached unprecedented levels and expressed his determination to step up the war on the vice. The Citizen

May 27th 2016

Tanzania has made significant progress in delivering education and health services, particularly in the areas of rural health infrastructure and teacher attendance, according to the latest Service Delivery Indicators (SDI) published today. However, the new data also highlight weaknesses that are contributing to low levels of learning in primary schools and tragic mortality levels among mothers and newborns. Tanzania’s maternal mortality rate is very high at 432 deaths per 100,000 live births. Keith Hansen, World Bank Group Vice President for Human Development said “Service Delivery Indicators are public data that citizens can use to hold the government accountable for education and health services, and that the government can use to inform reform efforts in these sectors. As Tanzania aspires to achieve middle-income status by 2025, SDI is an example of the kind of data transparency and accountability that could be transformational.”

The World Bank (WB) has urged the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) to bank on the process of leveraging technologies and innovations in data production and dissemination. (Daily news)

May 27th 2016

Magufuli will give directives to all ministers to emulate the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication, which ensures that a big percentage of public funded projects go to local contractors. But he told they also must discuss problems that lead to failing to get government projects," he advised. President Magufuli noted that there were many challenges facing the construction sector; some of which were caused by the contractors themselves, including failing to enter into joint ventures to win major government tenders (Daily news)



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