Revolution in Tanzania (continued - week 25)

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WEEK 25 2016


In the news about the miraculous way to prosperity in Tanzania


Jun 17th 2016

Analyse: Tanzania - to Be or Not to Be an Investment Haven

Is Tanzania rising? Riding on the crest of the Africa rising wave, that question elicits different answers depending on whom you ask. Those in the overnment who are politicians may quickly say yes, those in the opposition may say no (The Citizen)

Jun 17th 2016

The government has revoked ownership of 9,025 hectares out of 49,025 owned by an investor. The minister for Land Housing and Human Settlement Development, Mr William Lukuvi, ordered the repossessed land to be divided among Chikutu villagers after the Tanzania Nuthelds Limited failed to develop the farm. (The Citizen)

Jun 18th 2016

The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Tulia Ackson, on Friday suspended two Members of Parliament (MPs) from attending between three and five sessions over lying in the House. Ms Lyimo was accused of deceitfully telling the House that the government has spent over 420bn/- in the purchase of 777 water cannons for anti-riot police, a huge amount that could have sufficed to supply ambulances to all wards in the country. (Daily News)

Jun 19th 2016

Magufuli set for CCM chairmanship July 23 President John Magufuli is to be handed over the baton of the ruling party after a series of meetings of Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) in Dodoma on July 23 when the party holds a special national convention for the purpose.



After eight months of fighting the ghosts that nearly brought the public service to its knees, President John Magufuli faces his toughest political test yet when he assumes the chairmanship of the ruling party, CCM. President Magufuli has marketed himself as an "outsider within" the party -- a reformist, if not revolutionary.

According to Mr Mbunda, one thing which will put Dr Magufuli at loggerheads with many people within CCM is unshackling the hold on the party some politically-connected businessmen have. "They finance the party hoping for personal favours. There are many such members at all levels of CCM. It becomes very difficult to deal with such people if they are involved, for example, in tax evasion," says the UDSM lecturer (The Citizen)

Jun 19th 2016

Lowassa supports JPM in style Yesterday he came out of the closet for the first time to acknowledge President John Magufuli’s industrialization policy, saying he was particularly impressed with his routine “sweet language” over its implementation.

Jun 20th 2016

Arusha — Tanzania has started to build its own helicopters in a project that will see the first batch of such choppers taking into the sky sometimes in 2018. "We are complementing President Magufuli's industrialisation policy in pioneering the first locally made helicopters that will be available to ordinary residents at affordable prices," explained the man behind the ATC chopper project, Engineer Abdi Mjema from Mechanical and Engineering Department of the Arusha Technical College


A modern hydraulics laboratory costing about $400,000 (Sh864 million) was launched on Saturday at the Arusha Technical College (ATC). The permanent secretary in the ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ms Maimuna Tarishi, inaugurated the facility which will be used for practical training in civil and irrigation engineering courses> (Daily News)

> (The Citizen)

Jun 20th 2016

Sweden will continue to cooperate with Tanzania in the fight against extreme poverty, a senior Swedish government official declared over the weekend. Sweden's Deputy Minister of Development and International Cooperation, Ulrika Modeer, made the pledge at Nkwenda village in Chamwino district, where she toured development projects geared at poverty eradication which are supported by the Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) through Swedish aid. (Daily News)

Jun 21th 2016

All public leaders in the country, including President John Magufuli, will be subjected to five per cent income tax on their gratuity at the end of their tenure in office. Previously, the leaders enjoyed exemptions on their send-off packages through the Public Service Retirement Benefits Act of 1999. Finance and Planning Minister Dr Philip Mpango proposed waiving the immunity for lawmakers when presenting budget estimates for 2016/2017 in the National Assembly on June 8.> (Daily nes)

Jun 22th 2016

A Dar es Salaam Resident, Mr Leonard Mulokozi, was yesterday charged with publishing on WhatsApp messages that were abusive to President John Magufuli. Mr Mulokozi denied the charge at the Kisutu Resident Magistrate's Court and was released on bail. The case will come up for mention on July 18 this year. The text, literally translated from Swahili means: "Does it mean this Pombe Magufuli doesn't have advisers? Is he unadvisable? Or is he just a fool? He's real foolish, this fellow: he doesn't consider the applicable laws before opening his mouth; or does he also suffer from an illness like that of Mnyika?" (The Citizen)

Jun 22th 2016

Judiciary committee on ethics has suggested that five district magistrates who did not attain the goal of meeting a number of cases set in a year be issued with a warning. In February, the magistrates were given seven days by Chief Justice (CJ) Mohamed Chande Othman to state why they should not be taken to task for failure to hear 260 cases set by the judiciary. (Daily News)

Jun 22th 2016

"The future of the oil and gas industry in Tanzania is bright." regulating of production as well as well as revenue flows from oil and gas is absolutely critical to enable Tanzania to establish or confirm independently the volume of natural gas reserves that the country has. A recent study by Oxford Policy Management (OPM, 2013) estimated that Government revenues through taxes and returns to the planned national gas company will yield an impressive revenue potential of US$1-2 billion a year, equivalent to 2-3% of GDP (Daily News)

Jun 22th 2016

While a recent warning to Tanzania by the World Bank over the cosying up to China has sparked a backlash from some quarters, it has also re-ignited debate on the sustainability of the country's Look East policy. The value of China's development finance to Tanzania has also grown substantially in recently year.  the Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) has dismissed the report as a veiled attempt by the World Bank to protect Western interests in the country by decampaigning China. (The Citizen)

Jun 22th 2016

It appeared there is a law that alcohol drinks only can be served between 18:00 and 24:00. All of the sudden this law is enforced widely.

Hotels and companies in Dodoma who did not pay tax got an official letter nailed on their door which was resulting in a fine once removed without payment.

Local experiences

Jun 23th 2016

The World Bank Board of Executive Directors has approved 200m US dollars from the International Development Association for Tanzania Rural Electrification Expansion Programme. A newly approved loan for the programme will connect 2.5 million poor households in rural areas to the national electricity grid over the next five years. (Daily News)

Jun 24th 2016

The government is producing more medical doctors than it can absorb in its hospitals, a study by healthcare planners revealed yesterday. Over 60 per cent of medical graduates who were trained locally and abroad were not recruited to cover the shortage of doctors in most State-run health facilities. Going by the figures of the medics who have been trained over ten years, it was estimated that the government may have lost over Sh68.3 billion by training the medics it did not absorb. From 2001 up to 2010, a total of 2,248 doctors graduated from medical universities locally and abroad. According to estimates, 1,160 of them cannot be accounted for. They are neither employed in private nor in public health facilities in the country (The Citizen)

Jun 24th 2016

President John Magufuli said yesterday that elections were over and the Opposition should wait for 2020. Speaking at State House after receiving the official report of the National Electoral Commission (NEC) on the 2015 General Election, Dr Magufuli said he would not let politics distract him from his endeavour to deliver on his campaign promises. He urged Tanzanians to focus on building the nation, saying elections were over and there was no time for cheap and divisive politics. (The Citizen)

Jun 13th 2016

To boost revenue collection, the Tanzania government imposed new taxes on financial services including mobile money. These new taxes implemented include 18% to bank fees and commissions in the form of value-added tax and 10% excise duty for sending and withdrawing money through mobile phone money transfer. Tanzania has a growing mobile money user base with 16 Million subscribers across various channels. Previously, the costs were limited sending of money.

Jun 24th 2016

In a letter sent today to Tanzanian President John Magufuli, The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International strongly urged the government to rescind its decision to grant a hunting concession to Green Mile Company Limited, an operator previously expelled from the country for appalling and abusive killing of wildlife. A 2014 promotional video for Green Mile depicts hunting safari participants killing animals with semi-automatic weapons and pistols, running over animals with their cars, shooting at animals from moving vehicles, and engaging in other deplorable forms of animal cruelty. HSUS and HSI called the 2014 series of incidents “disqualifying” and more than sufficient grounds to deny Green Mile the concession.


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