Revolution in Tanzania (continued - week 3)

January 17
* The Tanzania Food and Drug Authority (TFDA) has destroyed 5 tonnes of assorted cosmetics unfit for human use worth Sh48m it impounded in an ongoing operation being carried out in Lake Zone Regions including Mwanza. TFDA Information Officer Martin Malima said the items, which were found in wholesale and retailer shops, were barred for sale in the local market and had therefore been imported into the country illegally. Among the seized items included 77 different types of cosmetics containing harmful chemicals. (source)
* The government yesterday announced that it will switch off 21 radio and six television stations for failure to pay fees for their operating licences and other taxes.  Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) Manager of Corporate Communications, Innocent Mungy, made the announcement in Dar es Salaam, saying the authority would switch off the stations’ broadcasts today midnight. (source)
* The acting Director General of the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA), Mr Charles Chacha, has been suspended while two other senior officials have been transferred following discovery of massive financial and procurement irregularities at the authority. (source)

January 18
* Tanzania Minerals Audit Agency (TMAA) in collaboration with the police force and Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) have seized illegal minerals worth 11.2m/- which were to be smuggled through the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA). (source)
* A local Kiswahili weekly tabloid, ‘Mawio’, has been banned – permanently. According to a statement issued by the government in Dar es Salaam, the newspaper “has been publishing provoking news stories that have all the ingredients of inciting violence in the country’’. (source)
(Jan 21:)The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on authorities in Tanzania to end their harassment of the weekly newspaper Mawio. The Kiswahili-language newspaper was permanently banned from publishing in print and online Friday and two of its editors were briefly detained, according to reports. (source)

January 19
* Thirty per cent of all African financial wealth is held in offshore banking, costing an estimated $14billion (30.8trillion/-) in lost tax revenues every year, says a new report released yesterday by Oxfam International (source)
An untruth news appeared in Kenyan and Zambian newspapers: It is official; women in Tanzania have three weeks to enjoy their short skirts and dresses. After that, showing of a thigh will be illegal. No tight dress or exposing attire will be accepted in Magufuli-land, especially around Tarime district, Mara region, where a prominent leader has said he will affect the ban. Later it became clear: "There is no doubt that His Excellency President Magufuli and his government are strong proponents of decent dressing, but the ministry wishes to put the record straight that the president has not issued any ban on miniskirts for any reason," read the statement. (source) (source)
* The government has promised to support Tanzania Women Bank (TWB) with 2 billion every year in subsidies to help the bank expand and benefit more women. The announcement was aired yesterday in Dar es Salaam by Ummy Mwalimu the Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, the elderly and children when she visited the bank with her Deputy Minister Dr Khamis Kigwangalla and accompanied by other officials from the ministry.Minister Ummy congratulated the bank for having good banking services especially for women entrepreneurs who are small and medium entrepreneurs. 
* Magufuli is a brilliant political tactician. He has by a few strokes removed the rug from under the feet of the opposition. But this may also mean he has legitimized the theft of the election. All of a sudden, everyone has forgotten the election irregularities. One can say that Magufuli is not conducting reform but merely setting the tone of his new government. He may then proceed with his cabinet and CCM executives to define the actual reforms. Unless top CCM executives agreed to his "tone" beforehand he is likely to stimulate resistance(source)
* The Minister of State (Regional Administration and Local Government), George Simbachawene, has sacked two district executive directors (DED) for among other reasons misappropriation of  300 million/-. (bron)

January 20
* The Bank of Tanzania (BoT) has completed investigations on individuals believed to have stashed billions of shillings in offshore banks, the Guardian has learnt. “Findings of the report on ‘Swiss Billions’ will be handed over to relevant state organs for further action”,   BoT Governor, Benno Ndulu told the Guardian in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

January 21
A huge consignment of goods worth millions of shillings, being smuggled into the country, has been impounded by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) special anti-smuggling unit, known as ‘Fast Team’ in collaboration with the Police at an illegal port in Kigombe area, Muheza District, Tanga Region.
* Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) Director of Taxpayers’ Education, Mr Richard Kayombo said the operation managed to seize the contraband in three boats coming in from Zanzibar. Mr Kayombo said the consignment comprised 150 bags of sugar from India, 250 bags of rice from Pakistan, 300 plastic containers of Oki cooking oil from Malaysia, 20 tyres, 24 mosquito gauze and other assortments of goods. (note: It was known that f.e. rice from India was imported and sold or even exported as rice from Tanzania) (source)

January 22
* The government yesterday set a new target to improve water access for rural and urban people, committing 100 per cent coverage by 2020. Researches indicates that only one in three people had access to piped water despite government efforts to improve water supplies with most of the population still relying on unsafe water that brings a risk of disease outbreaks. Eng. Gerson Lwenge, the Minister for Water and Irrigation delivering his opening remarks at the 10th joint water sector review meeting in Dar es Salaam said the government would spend 6trn/- (USD3.3bn) in a span of five years (source)

January 23

* Arusha. President John Magufuli chose the perfect symbolic outfit, appearing in a full-fledged military uniform in Arusha yesterday to once again declare a “relentless war” on corruption and related problems that bedevil the country. The President, who is also the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, was in a combative mood as he fired at forces of retrogression, promising hundreds of cheering residents he would continue to fight until the problems affecting the nation are over. (source)

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