Revolution in Tanzania (continued - week 5)

WEEK 5 2016



Jan 319h 2016

Kinondoni Municipal Council in Dar es Salaam issued a title deed and a building permit illegally to Indian Ocean Hotel Limited  for construction of an extension to its hotel (Golden Tulip) at Masaki in the city. According to Lukuvi, the owner of the hotel received a building permit from dishonest Kinondoni municipal officials to make an extension to its hotel in an area which had been earmarked by the government as an open space. The government does not employ double standards in its performance.

Feb 1th 2016

The government of Tanzania said on Monday it intended to cut donor dependence to 3 percent in the next national budget from 6.4 percent in the current budget.

Feb 2th 2016

Chief Justice Othman Chande yesterday directed all magistrates in the country to ensure that they meet the target of executing 250 cases per year. The CJ said that a whooping 121 Resident Magistrates countrywide have only managed to hear and decide on only 100 cases last year, a number that is discouragingly small.

Feb 3th 2016

Tanzanian employers have voiced their concern over the high fees they have to pay to secure and even renew working permits for their foreign employees. “We are faced with a heap of challenges which, honestly speaking, continue to make it very complicated to run a business in Tanzania,” stated Dr Aggrey Mlimuka, executive director of the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE).>

Feb 4th 2016

President John Magufuli has challenged coffee farmers in Tanzania and elsewhere on the continent to improve the quality and quantity of their produce if they are to compete in the global market.

Feb 5th 2016

A new system is introduced for busses which are clearly marked like "luxury", "semi-luxury" and "standard". Before every bus considered themselves as a luxury express bus.


Feb 6th 2016

President John Magufuli yesterday directed the judiciary to fast-track the establishment of a special court for cases involving grand corruption. The president directed the judiciary to immediately deal with and decide on a total of 442 tax evasion cases which have been filed since 2010, expressing his astonishment as to why the cases have dragged on for so long at the state’s expense. Citing the tax evasion cases currently outstanding, Dr Magufuli noted that if these had been decided early by the courts, the country could have got at least 1 trillion/- ($ 500 million) in unclaimed revenue.

Feb 7th 2016

Former president and CCM chairman Mr Kikwete warned all CCM members planning to sabotage President Magufuli’ s administration to get ready for stern measures.  “The CCM manifesto gives directives on addressing corruption, improving infrastructure, education and health services and many other issues of concern to the public,” said Mr Kikwete. “After the party’s chairman speech, we are all going to  disperse to our respective homes, there will be no lunch, no drink or anything, the money you contributed has been used to buy 1,000 desks for our children,” he said.


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