Revolution in Tanzania (continued - week 6)

WEEK 6 2016



Feb 8th2016

* Busses are obliged to have rubbish bins to collect rubbish (In the past people were used to throw rubbish out of the windows) [Local bus passengers]

Former senior cabinet ministers Basil Mramba and Daniel Yona were yesterday given brooms and other cleaning tools to begin their community service punishment for abuse of public office, marking a new milestone in their gradual fall from grace. The duo, who were convicted last year of irregularly handling a gold auditing contract for the government, will formally start cleaning up the state-owned Palestina Hospital located in Sinza suburb, Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam. (

Feb 9th2016

* Prof Makame Mbarawa said he has been reliably informed that some workers conspire to fell railway wagons and locomotives in acts of sabotage. He declaredzero tolerance to the saboteurs and emphatically said the government will have no mercy on them. (

* The implementation of free education in Tanzania has seen a three-fold increase in the numbers of children attending schools in some areas compared to last year, reported The Arusha Times. Hundreds of children lined up to register as schools opened their doors in January. In December last year the government announced their new policy that children enrolled in primary and ordinary secondary schools would receive free quality education.


* A poaching ring working near Tanzania’s famed Serengeti National Park wasdismantled following an investigation into the killing of a British helicopter pilot on January 28. Roger Gower, 37, a pilot for the Friedkin Conservation Fund was shot during an ant poaching operation in Maswa Game Reserve. At least three wildlife officials were arrested as part of investigation that has drawn praise from the pilot’s brother. According to Lazaro Mambosasa, the regional police commissioner, his men arrested nine people in connection with Gower’s death, and a national government task force arrested and detained several others. Mambosasa said Ngile Gonga, 28, a farmer from Sungu, a village near the park where Gower was killed, has confessed to the shooting.


Feb 10th2016

* Singida regional commissioner, Dr Parseko Kone, has ordered all public buildingsin the region to set infrastructure that will enable them to harvest water. He said the ongoing rain water must be harvested and preserved for future uses He said leaders in various public offices in the region must ensure residents understood the importance of harvesting and preserving water. (The Citizen 10-02-16)

* The country’s move towards using natural gas to generate reliable and affordable electricity will yield huge benefits to the community if the power utility firm is made to run efficiently and profitably. Although Tanzania has for many years depended on hydro-power, the country’s electricity generation has moved increasingly toward gas over the last decade after off-shore natural gas deposits were discovered in the southern regions.


* The Ministry of Finance and Planning yesterday handed over 12.3bn/- to the judiciary in fulfilment of President Dr John Magufuli’ s pledge made last Thursday when commemorating the Law Day. Dr Magufuli had pledged to give 12.3bn/- ($ 5.8 million) to the judiciary in five days to improve the working environment in the country’s courts. (

According to prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa there is a growing wealth disparity in the country, despite reports of the economy growing rapidly at an average of 7 per cent per annum over the past decade. Appearing to confirm that the benefits of this economic expansion have not been trickling down to the majority of the people, Majaliwa pointed to “available data” that showed “just 10 per cent of Tanzanians own the country’s economy.” He said the government was now taking measures to ensure that most citizens are empowered economically through creating a favourable business environment and availing equal opportunities to all social groups to develop economically.


* The government yesterday declared total war against tax evasion, reaffirming its resolve to collect all liable taxes to finance service provision to the citizens. The minister asked the business community to support the government in its strides to fight extreme poverty amongst the citizens and deliver high quality social services.

Feb 12th2016

* An overwhelming majority of Tanzanians have given the thumbs up to President John Magufuli’s governance as he clocks 100 days in office.

In a survey commissioned by Mwananchi Communications Limited (MCL), publishers of The Citizen, Mwananchi and Mwanaspoti, 90.4 per cent of the respondents said they were satisfied with how President Magufuli is managing the government. (


Feb 12th2016

* New Tanzania President stuns social media activists. From what has been said about him, Magufuli seems very much like Tanzania’s first president Mwalimu Julius Nyerere who was a very selfless and caring leader who lived an almost ascetic life-style through out his presidency and was much loved by his people and respected even by his enemies.


* Weights and Measures Agency (WMA) Chief Executive Magdalena Chuwa and Tanzania Ports Authority Measurement Department Manager Bernadina Mwijarubi were yesterday suspended for giving directives to suspend the usage of oil flow meters for five years. (From other sources it is known that the $ 1.2 million meter was installed 3 years ago and never worked. This made tax evasion and stealing of oil possible.)


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