Revolution in Tanzania (continued - week 9)

WEEK 9 2016



Feb 28h 2017

The state-run Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) forced to lower its tariffs in line with government directives despite currently selling power at a loss and being crippled by debts now exceeding 765 billion/-. ($360 million)

Feb 28h 2017

The government has directed the Social Security Regulatory Authority (SSRA) to make sure that all Tanzanians are registered with a social security scheme to help them improve their lives and to increase the number of registered Tanzanians.

Feb 29h 2017

Prime Minister, Mr Kassim Majaliwa, has ordered the suspension of a surgeon at Ligula Regional Referral Hospital in Mtwara Municipality, Dr Fortunatus Namahala, who refused to conduct surgery on a patient unless he was given 100,000/- bribe.

Mar 1h 2017

Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), has fined two radio stations, including a Dar es Salaam based Entertainment fm (Efm) for violating content regulations, warning that stern action will be taken against the electronic media if they go against the regulations. Reading the ruling on Efm, Ms Munyagi, said the radio station has been fined 1m/- for airing its ‘Joto la Asubuhi’ magazine programme in a ‘Sala ya Siku’ (prayers of the Day) segment with content aimed at promoting theft and incitement, among others. “The programme host, who introduced himself as ‘Baba Mchungaji’ was heard as praying that thieves should be more creative this year while committing the crime and that those young people who are still bachelors should be given partners by land lords while renting,” she said.

Mar 2h 2017

President John Pombe Magufuli was clearly in his element, mixing seriousness and humour, eliciting applause and laughter in equal measure, as he chaired the East African Community (EAC) Summit yesterday.  The Tanzanian leader took his anticorruption drive to the regional body by calling for cuts on unnecessary expenditure. Dr Magufuli said EAC was there to serve the ordinary and poor people of the region and that it should not be turned into a cash cow by few people who did not with the bloc well.

Mar 3h 2017

Hai District Council (HDC) has suspended five departments heads to pave way for investigations on accusations that were involved in embezzlement of Government funds totalling 28m/- ($ 13,000) projects for the public, including agricultural ones and the theft was discovered out after a special audit was carried out.

Mar 4h 2017

President John Magufuli has said all government leaders and other public officials who of late have been sacked, suspended or relieved of their duties due to misconduct, including corruption, embezzlement of funds and economic sabotage, will be dragged to courts of law

Mar 5h 2017

A new global report has listed Dar es Salaam among the top 10 wealthiest cities in Africa with the biggest number of US-dollar millionaires as the rise of the urban middle class in Tanzania continues to encourage modern retail development. According to the World Wealth Report 2015 released yesterday by Knight Frank, the city of Dar es Salaam alone has 36 super-rich individuals whose net assets are over $30 million (close to 80 billion/-). Tanzanian prime minister Kassim Majaliwa last month confirmed the scale of economic inequality in the country when he said just 10 per cent of the population owned the country's entire economy.

Mar 5h 2017

Health minister Ummy Mwalimu yesterday issued a stern warning to health workers across the country, who fail to abide by the code of ethics governing their profession.  The minister directed the Medical Council of Tanganyika (MCT) and the Tanzania Nurses and Midwife’s Council (TNMC) to take immediate action against errant health workers caught in the act of corruption or abuse of professional conduct.

Mar 5h 2017

The minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Professor Jumanne Maghembe, yesterday suspended five accountants of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA). The minister also transferred 15 other officials to the ministry headquarters allegedly for embezzling public funds and abuse of office. Speaking after paying an impromptu tour of the NCAA, Prof aghembe said the ministry had taken such measures after it realised public funds were embezzled within the authority.


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