Revolution in Tanzania

[December 14, 2015]
Tanzania is hot today! JPM, as president Magufuli is called, is turning the country around, making an end to all kinds of corruption and power abuse. Read about the developments in this calender! 
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Nov 7th 2015

New president Magufuli in charge


New female Vice President Samia Saluhu Hassan attracted many voters. Her key promise is to bring clean drinking water.

Nov 8th

All foreign travels cancelled from civil servants; Also all governmental hardtops will be replaced with smaller ones off Jan 2016

Nov 9th

Surprise visit to TRA from Magifuli; 10 civil servants appeared not to be at work

Nov 10th

Surprise visit at main hospital, directors were dismissed and hospital organized next day a start of a "clean up"

Nov 11th

Police officer dismissed; Facebook movie from him demanding and getting bribe in Tanga went viral and the officer was dismissed.


Nigerian Drug baron and pastor arrested living in Tanzania

Nov 13th

New rule to close pharmacists just outside hospitals and to bring more pharmacist in the hospitals and to

Nov 13th

Parents arrested from 14 year old girl for marrying paying 11 cows for dowry. Also headmaster who was bribed 0.5 million Tzs to get her of the register of the school

Nov 14th

Bank of Tanzania adapts ban on foreign travel


Kenyan president loosing support in polls over corruption

Nov 16th

Kenyan president is losing support in polls over corruption

Nov 16th

Magufuli orders reinvestigation in an 7 year old murder case were evidences were vanished.

Nov 17th

TASAF executive officers found guilty on fraud with funds for the poor

Nov 18th

Massive demolishing of illegal structures on public land started in Dar. (note: what is missing here is a kind of support for the affected people)

Nov 19th

274 contracts from firms who were privatized in 2012 are reviewed

Nov 20th

Gifts which were given to MP's were confiscated and transferred to the main hospital to cover costs for improvement

Nov 20th

The election promise is renewed to establish a special court that will squarely deal with corrupt public officials who were making life difficult for most of poor Tanzanian.

Nov 20th

Any public servant that will be implicated in corrupt deals will be sacked even before being prosecuted in the special court.

Nov 20th

There will be free education from primary to secondary school beginning January 2016.

Nov 20th

Going to officially open parliament President Magufuli didn’t go by plane, drove the whole 600 km from Dar to Dodoma and reduced the size of the presidential convoy, and the size of presidential delegation that travels with him

Nov 21th

Instead of a 50 person delegation to a common wealth meeting only 4 persons were allowed to go.

Nov 21th

No more 1st class and business class travel for all officials except President, Vice, and Prime Minister.

Nov 21th

No more workshops and seminars in expensive hotels when their so many ministry board rooms available. It appeared to be a major setback for the  hospitality industry (Dar-Bagamoyo) which is mainly owned by civil servants. (note: Also former president Kikwete established a huge conference centre in his hometown Bagamoyo and which should provide him with income after his presidency)

Nov 21th

No more sitting allowances, that also applies to MP’s.

Nov 21th

Many promises in inauguration speech Magifuli

The days of the corrupt and lazy bureaucrats are numbered.

Alarm bells must be ringing in the executive suites of national power company TANSECO, Tanzania Railways including TAZARA, the Tanzania Revenue Authority, and notably Air Tanzania The president’s assertion that he will give those four parastatals “special attention"

Nov 21th

President Magufuli chose a new Prime Minister Majaliwa we haven’t heard of before, a guy with reputation for hard work and no corruption all the big guys we expected could be PM have been let wondering what hit them.

Nov 22th

Magufuli administration is set to completely overhaul the running of Tanzania

Nov 24th

Instead of an independence party the money is spent for "clean-up" activities to prevent Cholera and other.

Nov 24th

Tanesco forms taskforce to trace an disconnect all illegal connections.

Nov 25th

In appeared that in general 48% of the income from civil servants came from their salary and 52% from sitting allowances. Many meetings were organized far from the office and abroad and seen as a paid holiday.

Nov 26th

31 containers with illegal logs for China were confiscated ar DAR airport.

Nov 26th

6 civil servants were put in custody since they were too late in a meeting

Nov 26th

After a visit to the harbour from prime minister Majaliwa 6 officials including the general commissioner of the TRA are suspended over a graft where 327 containers disappeared (went outside the customs leaving $40 mil tax unpaid) from inland stores. The civil servants were arrested waiting for investigation on their assets if they correspondent with their salary. Other sources were mentioning that also a big industrial from Azam is involved and that also a sun of Kikwete is arrested in this matter.

Nov 27th

A cross-section of analysts and academicians yesterday advised President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli to ‘overhaul’ the existing system of government, in order to improve performance in the government and to increase revenues and decrease the donor dependency syndrome.

Nov 28th

Another 3 TRA officials dismissed for container case.

Nov 29th

New concept "Rwandanisation" introduced as being the process to a durable economics and better wealth for everyone.

Nov 30th

Unknown sources are telling that Magufuli closed the "ministry for food" which was established by the former president Kikwete and which supplied food for the president and his guests.

Dec 1th

$6 million appeared to be paid as consultancy fee to civil servants who arranged a $600 million loan from the Standard bank to the government.

Dec 2th

Announced that the current system lacks accountability thus the President is trying to establish a new one that will see all public servants accountable. T’S time up for the local private sector to complain  against lack of government support to become productive and control the economy

Dec 3th

President John Magufuli asked country’s financial institutions to

focus on supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) so that that they 

can grow economically.

Dec 4th

After a renewed visit to the port new reports show that not just 340, but more than 2,300 containers have been cleared without tax payment since March 2014. Unknown sources say another big businessman who is involved in this container scandal by name of Patel escaped to India.

Dec 4th

On district level many "empty" projects like building roads are found which are in reports but actually not done

Dec 4th

Investigation with a TRA official involved in the container scandal learned that he had 73 houses and a bunch of buckets filled with millions of cash money

Dec 5th

7 officials from Tanesco are dismissed

Dec 7th

JPM has sacked the head of Tanzania's ports authority and the top official in the transport ministry, part of a campaign to root out corruption and inefficiency.

Dec 8th

During a visit to a cement factory in Tanga Magufuli announced to cut the cement price with 60% to encourage building activities. Also a rope factory is visited to see why they were not producing anymore.

Dec 9th

Cleaning day instead of Liberation parties. Many activities in the whole country and leaders calling around to encourage people to take part.

Dec 9th

The ruling party CCM is happy with the ethical drive of JPM and declared full support for the new head of state.

Dec 10th

According to a study of the World bank an annual $ 157 million government revenues disappeared at Dar port by corruption cartels.

Dec 11th

Tanzania: Govt Draws Up Rules for Private Operators On Railway Service (earlier this was blocked by MP's and ministers who owned truck and bus companies)

Dec 11th

1400 NGO's are closed and another 1400 have to prove within 2 weeks they are doing something that matters. (general is known that those NGO's are misused to get AID funds for private use)



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