The Olive Branch: home based care

[November 20, 2014]
'Home Based Care Program', that is the philosophy of The Olive Branch for Children. Our program provides at-home medical services, support and counselling for over 600 individuals living with HIV in 13 diffe rent rural Tanzania villiages. The clients of our Home Based Care Program receive additional nutritional support through food and seed distributions. With the help of our Home Based Care Team, our clients receive at-home health education and on-going assistance in understanding how to use and be adherent to their medicine regimens.

The Olive Brach for Children was founded in 2006 by the Canadian Deborah McCracken. McCracken primarily desires to strengthen communities located in deserted places. People with HIV are taught about food and health, and food supplements are provided. Projects that should generate income are set up in cooperation with anf for the healthy people, gardens are designed, a goat herd is herded and a cassava farm is founded.

The Olive Branch for Children offers potential volunteers the possibility to put their efforts into the Home Based Care Program and the Montessori Outreach Program: teaching people in deserted places about the Montessori-method to, subsequently, set up kindergartens. These villages are often located 80 kilometers off an asphalted road and 20 kilometers away from the closest primary school.

The Olive Branch is not located in the touristic area of Tanzania, but in the South-West, nearby Zambia and Malawi. It is a very rural and deserted place, with a lot of wildlife. These are truly projects for the volunteer who is on a mission!

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