"We can also arrange your flight?"

[August 1, 2014]
That is what the employee of Projects Abroad asked me when I decided to go to Arusha for three months, in order to participate in one of this organization's "Microfinance Projects." It seemed like a good idea. Great that an organization is willing to help you with this! What a wonderful service!

Yet, by the time I had been in Arusha for 1.5 months, I became aware of the fact that I had been a bit naïve. Other volunteers did not directly take Projects Abroad up on the offer and checked the flight fees themselves. Flights appeared to be hundreds of euros cheaper than the prices Projects Abroad mentioned.
Upon investigating this further, I found out that the organization runs its own travel agency (somewhere in India). The employee responded to my complaint: "I did not tell you that you had  to book with us."
Tip: when you choose for Projects Abroad, please check out the flight fees yourself!
(Niko Winkel)

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